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Install and quick start

In this chapter we will look at how you can get Centrifugo.

Binary releases

Go language gives developers an opportunity to build single binary executable file with application and cross-compile application for all common operating systems. This means that all you need to get Centrifugo – download latest release for you operating system, unpack it and you are done!

Now you can see help information for Centrifugo:

./centrifugo -h

Centrifugo server node requires configuration file with secret key. If you are new to Centrifugo then there is genconfig command which generates minimal required configuration file:

./centrifugo genconfig

It generates secret key automatically and creates configuration file config.json in current directory (by default) so you can finally run Centrifugo instance:

./centrifugo --config=config.json

We will talk about configuration in detail in next sections.

You can also put or symlink centrifugo into your bin OS directory and run it from anywhere:

centrifugo --config=config.json

Linux packages

We have prebuilt rpm and deb packages for most popular Linux distributions and Docker image. See this chapter for more information.

Docker image

And of course we have official Docker image – see this chapter for more information.