This is a documentation for Centrifugo v2. The latest Centrifugo version is v3. Go to the centrifugal.dev for v3 docs.

This section describes client-server transports that Centrifugo supports and its specifics. Client-server transports used to connect to Centrifugo from a frontend of your application.

At moment Centrifugo supports the following client-server transports:

  • Websocket – with JSON or binary protobuf protocol.
  • SockJS – only supports JSON protocol

Having both of these transport means that it's possible to connect to Centrifugo from everywhere.

Since Centrifugo has its own protocol for client-server communication (for authentication, subscriptions, publishing messages to channels, calling RPC etc) transports above wrapped by our client libraries.

Keep in mind that if you are planning to use non-JSON binary data between a client and server then you can only use WebSocket transport. See how to achieve binary passing with protobuf format.